Equipment and Capabilities

The centerpiece of our studio is a 1957 Vandercook 15-21 cylinder press with a maximum sheet size of 15.25” x 23.” Our equipment also includes a 19” Westman and Baker guillotine cutter, a 12 x 15" nipping press, and over 40 cases of lead type and ornaments. 

We print from hand set type, magnesium and photopolymer plates. Hand-carved woodcuts and engravings are our specialty.  


Why Pellinore?

According to Arthurian legend, King Pellinore obsessively hunted but never captured the elusive Questing Beast. In Le Morte d’Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory describes the Questing Beast, a fabulous monster with “…a head like a serpent’s head, and a body like a leopard, buttocks like a lion, and footed like an hart; and in his body there was such a noise as it had been the noise of thirty couple of hounds questing…” 

At Pellinore Press, we are dedicated to creative exploration of the art and craft of printing. Like King Pellinore, we rigorously pursue our vision.


Contact Us

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